Creating consistently excellent experiences for your customers by using business based manners.

What is business Etiquette?

Business etiquette training focuses on business based manners to build and maintain strong business relationships.

Why is etiquette important in business?

We assume that people know how to behave in certain situations. Sometimes they don’t. This is likely because they have never been shown. Bad behaviour, whether intentional (not on my watch!) or not, can have negative consequences for your business. Training with Etiquette for Success gives your staff the skills needed to maintain and build strong business relationships and do it with confidence.

The benefits of business etiquette training:

Etiquette differentiates you from your competitors and give you a valuable edge in business. Multimillion-dollar deals, customers and jobs can be lost as a result of poor etiquette. Business is highly competitive so knowing how to act – and how not to – can be the difference between success and failure.

On completion of training with Etiquette for Success your employees will be equipped with the skills to conduct themselves confidently and represent your business the way you want them to.

Courses are tailored and can include the following topics:

♦ Introductions and networking
♦ Steps to resolve difficult situations
♦ Civility in the workplace
♦ Social media etiquette
♦ Enhancing your image
♦ International etiquette
♦ Business social situations
♦ Dining etiquette