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The Christmas Office Party

’twas the night of The Christmas Office Party…

The Christmas season is upon us. It’s time for Santa to stock up the sleigh, prepare the prawn cocktails and enjoy Christmas parties.

Office Christmas parties are a time honoured tradition. A chance to let your hair down, celebrate the year’s achievements and have a few drinks. It’s a time to get a little crazy and dance the night away! To push aside the office rules and just have fun.. Or is it?

The most important word in ‘Office Christmas Party’ isn’t Christmas. Nor is it Party. It is Office. Office rules and business etiquette absolutely still apply. It is essentially a work function. Valued clients or customers may be invited so it is imperative that you treat it like any other work function or interaction. Just because there is punch and the boss is topping up your drink is not a free pass to party like it’s 1999. Your reputation and office relationships are important. You’ve worked hard to build them and gain respect. 

So here are some tips to allow you still to have fun and ensure that you maintain the respect you’ve worked so hard to gain..

  • Don’t over indulge. Set your alcoholic drink limit before you start and stick to it. For a function with limited food two drinks is a good limit.
  • Avoid airing office dirty laundry. It’s a party! Avoid discussing office politics or controversial topics.
  • Work the crowd. Stand up and move around the room.
  • Don’t stuff your plate or hog the cocktail food. You can go back for seconds.
  • Say thank you. Be sure to thank the boss and the person/ people who organised the party.

Remember that it is a party and it’s supposed to be fun. Ensure that your behaviour is a reflection of how you want to be seen by your boss and colleagues.

Merry Christmas!

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